F.U.E. is short for “follicular unit extraction”. This is an advanced,minimally-invasive hair transplant method which allows for the harvesting of follicular units from the donor area in their naturally occurring groupings,usually made up of 1-4 hairs. The end result is a natural looking hairline with no linear scar and a quick recovery time.

At Pacific Hair Institute we use the system to assist in harvesting the follicular units. is an automated hair transplant system which dramatically improves the accuracy and speed over previously used manual extraction instruments. uses controlled pneumatic pressure and suction assist to slide out the graft smoothly, so there is no risk in damaging the grafts by pulling or twisting as seen in manual FUE transplants.

Benefits of Treatment

● Restores a thicker, fuller, and natural-looking hairline
● Automated technology eliminates the need for scalpels and stitches
● No linear scar
● No hairstyle restrictions
● Virtually painless treatment
● Minimal downtime
● Safe, effective, and FDA-approved
● Performed by hair restoration specialist Sid Mirrafati, M.D.