Pacific Hair Institute is The Golden Standard in Hairline Transplants. Men and women suffering from hair loss and hair thinning can turn to the healthcare staff at Pacific Hair Institute for the excellent results people expect. Dr. Mirrafati has decades of physician knowledge and renowned aesthetic design combined with intelligent methods and technology. Pacific Hair Institute is a private practice owned by Dr. Mirrafati. Many other hair transplant practices are owned by non doctors and organizations and disheartening results are a direct reflection of that.

At Pacific Hair Institute, Dr. Mirrafati is personally going to be active in every case conducted and this is why for years we have been in productive practice. With his expertise in artistry and design along with meticulous care to detail, Dr. Mirrafati exceeds patient expectations time and time again.

If you need hair transplant near me service in Corona Del Mar, we can help you. Call us today for more information.